Smoking is a traditional and natural technique that was in the past used mainly for food preservation purposes. Its secrets were passed down from generation to generation, and the original recipes were carefully protected. It’s no surprise - it's like with grandma's recipes for a signature cake or delicious jam. However, smoking is more than just a way to preserve food. It is, above all, one of the oldest arts of combining the right flavours and aromas.

What’s the secret? It is largely due to the long time, properly selected temperature, a unique composition of spices and, finally, a type of firewood. In particular, the kind of wood smoke the fish are smoked in is of great importance. Subtle aromas of wood oils, which are released in the slow combustion process, clearly refine the taste of the fish. That is why in the new SuperFish products you will find original compositions of selected salmon species, which we masterfully combined with the right type of smoke. Look what we prepared for you.

Atlantic salmon smoked in oak smoke

Oak wood is valued above all for its extraordinary durability and various applications. It serves, among other things, as fuel during smoking. Oak smoke is characterized by slightly sweet notes and a distinctive aroma that fits perfectly with the sea flavour of the fish. Combined with Atlantic salmon, it creates a delicate yet expressive flavour composition.

Wild sockeye salmon smoked in acer smoke

A clean, caramel flavour straight from the wooded plains of Canada. Maple is mainly known for its thick syrup, which is obtained from the amber resin of the tree. Maple notes are an uncommon, yet exceptionally exquisite flavour combination for wild sockeye salmon. The smoke from this tree is characterized by a sweet aroma that emphasizes the natural, rich taste of the fish. It’s perfect with dry wine as a delicious snack

BIO salmon smoked in alder smoke

Extremely elegant, with a strong look - this is what alder wood is. It is characterized by high durability and plasticity, which allows you to create items of aesthetic value. The smoke from this tree has a pleasant, juicy aroma that gives the fish a subtle smoky flavour. It is perfect for expressive dishes in which salmon is the main ingredient!

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Imagine a chilly but –
cosy morning. Wrapped in fog and mystery. Can you smell it? It’s slightly smoky, woody, wild but also… elegant. Does such an intense, aromatic and oaky world suit you?

So you prefer afternoons?
Regardless of whether they are sunny, crisp, light or not - it is best to spend them meeting with loved ones - even for lunch. This is how a delicate, classic, alder smoke filled atmosphere is presented.

If you prefer to add a little more
sophistication and sweetness to the evening atmosphere, you will like the entourage of autumn, burgundy and golden maple better.


Każdy z aromatów pasuje do innych kompozycji smakowych. Wypróbuj wszystkich i wybierz swój ulubiony!