Meet SuperFish


Our many years of experience in the processing of fish products allows us to offer you a product not only of excellent taste, but also of the highest quality.

“The offer of the SuperFish brand offers a very wide range of products, providing the Consumer with a choice. The products are prepared using the best raw materials, so that their taste and quality meet the expectations of Customers.

The line of Superfish products without preservatives was made for people who care about their health and are looking for nutritionally valuable products. These products are made of carefully selected fish of the highest quality. As one of the few, we do not use preservatives or thickeners during the production of these selections. SuperFish line of products is completely free of GMO!”

We owe the high quality and excellent taste of our products to the smoking process, which is based on tested technology. Living in harmony with nature and caring for the health of our Consumers, we focus on natural smoking methods, which is why we use only raw material from deciduous trees during the process.


Be Fit. Lead a healthy lifestyle, which will result in a slim figure and good well-being. It should be remembered that a healthy lifestyle is a combination of a properly balanced diet and physical activity, thanks to which we feel younger, more attractive and have more energy.





Due to our love for Polish customs, the product we offer is distinguished by extremely sublime, juicy and appetizing meat and a subtle smell of freshly smoked fish. The slightly perceptible aroma of smoke makes the combination of delicate meat texture, juicy color and sublime taste of salmon appeal to even the most demanding connoisseurs of good taste.

Global Responsibility

Global Responsibility is the business philosophy of the GRAAL CAPITAL GROUP
We feel responsibility for:

Sustainable fishing

Our suppliers have the same values as our company does, and fish according to standards established by such certificates as ASC and “Dolphin Safe”. Our aim is not to use endangered fish species listed by the WWF and Greenpeace for production purposes.

Environmental Protection

In our production plants, we invest in the infrastructure in order to protect the environment. Our plants use less water and power. We use eco-friendly packaging materials, which can be recycled.

Respect for the staff

As people are our company’s most important value, we do our best to take care of the development and safety of our employees. Our policy is to support employment of local workers, build an image of a good and reliable employer and build organisational culture based on commitment and shared responsibility.