Global Responsibility


Global Responsibility is the business philosophy of the Graal Capital Group

We feel responsibility for:

Sustainable fishing

Our suppliers have the same values as our company does, and fish according to standards established by such certificates as ASC and “Dolphin Safe”. Our aim is not to use endangered fish species listed by the WWF and Greenpeace for production purposes.

Environmental Protection

In our production plants, we invest in the infrastructure in order to protect the environment. Our plants use less water and power. We use eco-friendly packaging materials, which can be recycled.

Respect for the staff

As people are our company’s most important value, we do our best to take care of the development and safety of our employees. Our policy is to support employment of local workers, build an image of a good and reliable employer and build organisational culture based on commitment and shared responsibility.

High-quality raw material

that is the basis for creating top-class products, which is why all components of our products come only from tested sources.

Product traceability,

which allows us to precisely identify the production processes and ingredients along with the sources of origin of each of our products. Thanks to this, we can constantly modify certain elements so that our consumers can receive even better products.

The analysis and control of products and processes

are carried out continuously every day. We have specialized Quality Control structures to ensure that we deliver products of highest quality.

Constant development

because in a dynamically changing world it is the only way to meet the needs and desires of our consumers. We want to be ready today for what the consumers will expect from our products tomorrow.

The vitality of our consumers,

therefore, as a food manufacturer, from the beginning of our existence, we attach great importance to providing consumers with products that will meet their nutritional needs and taste requirements. We believe that today we have a special role to play in shaping the eating habits of the whole society, which is why issues related to this are so important to us. We want consumers to know our products, trust them and recommend them as they support even better well-being