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28 - 08 - 2017
Back to school with SuperFish

It happens that in the morning rush our children forget or simply do not want to eat breakfast. However, studies show that children who do not eat their first breakfast are more likely to complain of abdominal pain and have more difficulty concentrating and remembering the material during the lessons. A balanced diet improves brain function and is essential to keep the baby healthy and strong.

To provide calcium to children, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins, it is advisable to include fish breakfast, for example in combination with sandwich. SuperFish cottage cheese does not contain preservatives, artificial colors, thickeners or sweeteners. Tuna provides vitamin D, which affects strong bones and teeth, and salmon is a rich source of zinc and selenium rich foods that enhance immunity. Ricotta sandwich with salmon or tuna sandwich is the perfect breakfast for a student who will stimulate the mind and add energy to learn.

SuperFish cottage cheese will be perfect as bread grease for a nutritious breakfast, as well as a dip in which the baby can dough herself, crunchy bread or, for example, macaroni and tortilla stuffing with fresh vegetables. Finished cottage cheese is the perfect breakfast idea for all those who are in the hurry of the morning!